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Reputation in a digital world

Reputation is what gives companies, countries, and individuals a licence to operate. But managing that reputation is no easy task in an era where a single tweet can change everything in seconds. It’s what we call the new communications world, and it has implications for everything you might consider doing or avoiding. And, if you want to maintain, or even build your reputation, you’re going to have to spend a few moments thinking how to do this.


When a situation becomes toxic


The new face of the cyber landscape


Creativity and outstanding execution to stand out from the crowd


Making your country investible – competition is intense


Fast growing companies and unicorns - improving your odds


Individuals are always the focus of news stories


Helping you whether it’s a hostile takeover or hostile stakeholders


Marrying profit and purpose

A new level of scrutiny

Our age has created a new set of communications rules. There’s a citizen photographer on every street. There’s an activist investor watching every transaction. And there’s a cyber stalker for every indiscretion. We live in a world of high velocity digital stories. And although it’s new technology that has created this pace, the best solutions aren’t necessarily digital. Sometimes it takes a well honed nose for a credible narrative  to steer you into opportunity.

If you want to shape your company’s destiny, you might want to start by tweaking its narrative.


We help companies navigate a world where a single data breach, a rogue tweet or an approach for a new acquisition can bring everything down. Preventing this is all about planning.


Controlling your narrative is vital when you want to raise capital. Reputation affects access to capital, the ability to strike trade deals, and attract tourism, just to name a few issues.


Keeping a low profile might sound like an option, but in the absence of information,  or a credible story, the media often jump to the worst possible conclusion.