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Reputation in a digital world

Reputation is what gives companies, countries and individuals their licence to operate. But managing reputation is no easy task in a world where a single tweet can change everything in seconds – it’s what we call the new communications order. If you want to maintain or enhance your reputation this new order has implications for everything you might say or do.


When a situation becomes toxic


The new face of the cyber landscape


Creativity and outstanding execution to stand out from the crowd


Making your country investible – competition is intense


Fast growing companies and unicorns - improving your odds


Individuals are always the focus of news stories


Helping you whether it’s a hostile takeover or hostile stakeholders


Marrying profit and purpose

The new level of scrutiny

A new set of communications rules has emerged. There’s an activist investor watching every company and a citizen photographer on every street. It’s harder than ever to stand out from the crowd. And there are rent-a-quotes everywhere just waiting to comment.

We live in a world of high velocity stories.

And although it’s new technology that has created this pace, the best solutions are both new and traditional. If you don’t control your narrative, somebody else will.

Editorial vs advertising.

Getting the right balance.

Thoburns is a relationship-driven business and no relationships are more highly valued than the ones we have built with key journalists. But we never forget that media businesses are…businesses, and we often have commercial relationships as well as editorial ones, although we make sure we keep them separate.

For an example of what can happen if you mix these two relationships up,
click here for Lucy Kellaway’s FT article on what not to do.

Sometimes the solution we seek for our client is editorially based, sometimes we need a controlled message in the form of a creative advertisement or perhaps a sponsored event partnering with a global media owner. For an example of such an event, click here to see our Boldness in Business Awards page. The most effective campaigns usually draw on elements of all, and our strength is knowing how to both devise the strategy and execute the campaign.


In a fragmented 24/7 stakeholder landscape, reputation has never been more important and yet tougher to manage.


Countries need investors just like companies do. In the global race for investment, trade and tourism, making yourself heard has never been more important.


Individuals will always be the focus of news stories, whether they are heads of global corporations or an entrepreneur raising their first round of capital.


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