Despite not being a new concept, Sustainability is rapidly increasing in importance in the global business world. In early 2018, three statements made the direction of travel very clear.

  • In what was described as a ‘watershed moment for Wall Street’, the CEO of BlackRock – the world’s largest asset manager – said:
  • “Companies need to contribute to society if they want to receive the support of BlackRock.”
  • Norway’s Sovereign Wealth Fund – one of the world’s largest at $1 trillion – said:
  • “Data on Sustainability influences our investment decisions. We want companies to move from words to numbers so we can better understand financial opportunities and risks.”
  • Al Gore, Former Vice President of the United States, said:
  • “We are experiencing a Sustainability revolution that has the magnitude of the industrial revolution, but with the speed of the digital revolution.”
  • A good Sustainability reputation cannot be faked or bolted on. It has to be seen to come from the top of your organization and permeate everything you do – including your business model and your strategy.

No matter if you are a large multinational looking to improve your Sustainability reputation or a smaller company just starting your sustainability reporting and wanting to engage your staff – Thoburns’ Sustainability team and its award-winning film makers can help you tell your Sustainability story.

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