Financial Communications

Whilst commercial performance sets the foundation for success, a company’s reputation ultimately shapes its valuation, its access to capital, and how it is perceived by all of its stakeholders.

Reputation is crucial in capital markets – independent research shows reputation contributes an average of 38% to market value, with some FTSE100 companies experiencing over 50%. But this reputation upside requires expert communication across all your stakeholders: investors, employees, customers, regulators, your supply chain and wider society.

You need to go beyond just the investment case. Are audiences convinced management is of high quality? Are you innovative? What values does your company represent? Can your forward guidance be trusted?

Private companies now face almost as much scrutiny as public companies, and can no longer hide either.

Thoburns’ team has over 25 years of financial communications experience across all sectors, from start-ups to FTSE100s, large and small IPOs and M&A, bond issues, crisis communications and activist campaigns.

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