Fast Growing, Private Companies

As companies grow, their communications need to become more sophisticated. What is acceptable as a start up doesn’t pass muster when revenues have accelerated and you start to have a trading track record.

Investing in your reputation and telling your company story gives comfort to investors and will:

  • Increase your valuation
  • Reduce your borrowing costs; and
  • Ultimately – prepare for you an optimal exit
    (perhaps an IPO)

Imagine two identical companies:

Company A
has an informative website, easy-to-understand collateral, a video that tells its story and shows off its assets, an Annual Report/Review with clear financial detail and KPIs, a clear CSR strategy and positive press coverage.

Company B
has none of the above.

Who would you invest in? And which do you think will command a higher valuation?

Thoburns has helped many growing companies tell their stories, improve their reputations, make/save money, and sometimes list on a Stock Exchange.

Thoburns is also a member of ELITE Growth International – the London Stock Exchange’s community of advisors supporting ambitious, international growth companies.

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